1. Here I am

From the recording This Woman

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Here I am
I have met you few years ago
Then I ran away looking for a better life
I didn't know if you were the chosen one
Until I saw you again, again
I talked to you, see you
Then I realized that you are, yes you are
The one and that's why I say

Here I am come with me
Take me to where I want to be
we were made to be one
One love, one vision, one passion
Here I am it's not too late
I'll take you where you want to be
Hold my hands I stay with you
Don't be afraid to take me too
Here I am

I think of you everyday dear
But you don't know it
I see my dreams come true with you
You fit me like the skin that's cover my bones
be mine, be close to me so close
That a string won't pass through us